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Success! Your itinerary has been sent our way

Please note that we will not start working on your itinerary until we have received your payment. The price for this service is 5000 ISK (five thousand) but if you are not sure how much that is in your own currency, you can use this currency converter to figure it out.

Please use the secure payment link below to pay. If the name on the itinerary is different from the name of the cardholder, please remember to mention that in the comment section of the payment form to help us match your payment with your itinerary.

Once you submit your payment, we will receive a notification from our payment system and we can start working on your itinerary. It will take us 24-48 hours to get back to you, depending on how busy we are, but we may take a little longer on the weekend or during public holidays.

We will send you comprehensive feedback on your itinerary where we will point out any issues with your plan and offer advice and suggestions that are designed to help you make your most of your trip – whether that involves doing things in a more logical order to save you some time or by suggesting more economical tours and activities. You can send us one reply with questions regarding our feedback which we will answer. Then it’s up to you whether you follow our advice or not!