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I’m sorry for your loss

I was going to publish a post today about our great trip up north last week but I’ve decided to save it for another time. Today, as I sit here practically with tears in my eyes, I want to extend my condolences to the woman who lost her husband in Reynisfjara beach this morning. We don’t know all the particulars of the accident yet but we do know that her husband was swept away by the waves and he was dead by the time the rescue workers got to him.

This breaks my heart.

Every time I hear about travelers getting into fatal accidents here in Iceland I wonder whether they were maybe one of “my” people. People that have joined my tours, people that are avid readers of the blog or have sent me e-mails to get some information. I wait for the media to release the names of those involved and sigh of relief when I don’t recognize them. Not that it makes their death any less devastating if I don’t know them. I just feel a little bit better knowing that someone I shared laughs with a few moments earlier is not gone forever  from this world.

This is not a time for I told you so. Accidents happen and I’m sure everyone involved is feeling bad enough. But this man’s death was unnecessary and avoidable. And that hurts the most.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  1. So tragic. I remember our guide warning us not to get too close to the water there as the waves were pretty strong and that was in June, I imagine the waves are more powerful in the winter.

  2. I understand completely. I am sorry for all involved and especially the helpless wife.

  3. This was written so well and with such feeling. I can relate to this story because I have been on this beach and have had my feet soaked by those waves. The power I felt in the sea when I stood and looked out was both totally awesome and extremely frightening. I cannot imagine what the poor wife is going through right now.

  4. We were there on the 8th of February and took some spectacular photographs of the waves at a couple of places before & after Vik.
    Having read your blog we were already warned of the dangers but seeing the waves first hand bought it home. They were amazing but violent too! Our party kept well away from the water’s edge as it was very clear it was not safe.
    It is very sad that some one lost their life and I can’t imagine what his family are going through , there are so many warnings about the dangers so it makes it even more sad that people don’t believe them. : (