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Sarah takes on Iceland: a prelude

Sometimes when you are a strong independent woman (grrr), that doesn’t need any help from anyone (ANYONE), it can be hard to learn how to delegate. This has been a problem on my starting-my-own-business journey and even though there are three of us working for I Heart Reykjavík now (soon to be four or more even)  there are certain things that my wonderful dream team just doesn’t do. Not because they can’t, not because they’re not capable but because I’m just so damn unwilling to let go and share my responsibilities with them.

Rationally I know this is not a great way to be (I don’t LOVE my way too frequent 16-hour workdays and could do with the occasional gossip session over tea with my friends) but emotionally, for some reason, it’s often difficult to admit that you can’t do everything. Or understand that even if you can, you probably shouldn’t. Because, life, you know. You’re supposed to live it and all and there’s more to it than just work.

After a few near emotional meltdowns last year I had come to the conclusion that I would probably have to start practicing some serenity and trust others. Although I wasn’t quite ready to hire anyone new at that moment, I at least was willing to admit that I would probably have to at some point. Sooner or later. But probably sooner.

In the middle of my oh my lord – I’m a workaholic epiphany I got an e-mail from Sarah, a 23-year-old blogger and traveler from Denver, Colorado who told me she was coming to Reykjavík in January. She wanted to see if I needed any help while she was here as she wanted to learn more about what it takes to launch and maintain a successful blog and whether that could be the right path for her. I don’t know whether something in her e-mail caught my attention (as I get a lot of these requests and always say no) or whether she was just the right person at the right time but arrangements were made and now she’s here.

In the same way that Sarah saw working with us an opportunity to further her own blogging/writing career, I saw an enormous opportunity in working with her. Here was my chance to learn how to convey my ideas to someone who would then have to execute them and work with someone who’s not in my immediate family or a friend. But above all, it would be a lesson in trust.

If you are wondering about the point of this post (I always have a point even though it sometimes takes me a while to get there) it’s basically just this: I wanted to introduce you to Sarah so you know who she is when I start publishing her posts.

Maybe I should stop yapping and let her introduce herself in her own words.

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Meet Sarah

Hey there. Or halló, I should say. The name is Sarah and I’m a solo traveler originally from Denver, Colorado. How I ended up here in Reykjavik, Iceland is not a complicated story at all really; I’m in love with the outdoors, I have an odd obsession with indie music, and I’m a big fan of discounted airline tickets. So when the three serendipitously met, it took no more than 24 hours for me to book my plane ticket to Iceland and start planning my five-week trip. Call me impulsive, but I had a gut feeling I was going to fall in love with this place.

I’ve always been a bit of a wanderlust dreamer. Within the first year of my university graduation, I lived in three different states and still felt unsatisfied. I knew it was time to get over my fears and embark on a solo trip abroad. A moment of rash decision making and suddenly I was hugging my parents goodbye at the airport, holding my passport in one hand and my work visa for New Zealand in the other. After experiencing the overwhelming fulfillment of traveling alone, I knew I needed to keep going and Iceland was calling my name.

It comes as no surprise that Reykjavik is quickly becoming a second home to me. I’m in love with the way the dim winter sunlight warms the cobblestone streets, the three hour sunsets paint the sky a continuous pallet of pastels, and how music and poetry are ingrained in the veins of the locals.

You’ll see me in my happiest state when I’m journaling in a café or listening to live music with a craft brew in hand. Does that make me basic? I like to think of it as sophisticated. I’ve always expressed my thoughts best through writing, so being able to share my experiences here in Iceland with you all is quite the treat. A gooey peanut butter cookie, to be specific. I love inspiring others to travel and look forward to sharing my stories with you all. It’s okay to laugh at the things I say or do; I’m right there with you.

Sarah takes on Iceland

So while Sarah is here in Reykjavík with us she’s going to explore the city like someone who’s visiting for the first time (because she is visiting for the first time – duh, Auður), and share her findings with you guys. Since we’re somewhat apart in age (read: because I’m becoming old and boring and she’s not) and have different interests and approaches to life,  I think it will give ya’ll a new fresh perspective on this favorite city of ours.

Don’t worry, though, this is very much a collaboration and nothing gets posted that hasn’t been fact-checked and approved by yours truly and my team of experts. Hrannar and Ásta that is. Poor Sarah doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited.

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