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Local in Focal – Learn how to cook Icelandic food with Salt Eldhús

Earlier this summer, or actually just this summer since it’s not summer anymore, the boyfriend and I were invited to join a cooking class at Salt Eldhús, a teaching kitchen here in Reykjavík that offers all kinds of interesting cooking courses for locals and visitors alike. Our course, Local in Focal, is designed to give the attendees insight into the local cuisine by cooking a three course meal using local ingredients.

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Before we carry on I should probably tell you that I’m a terrible cook. I know how to make pasta, a few chicken dishes and then I mess up the simplest things like boiling eggs. So I was about as clueless when it comes to cooking with local ingredients as the foreigners doing the class.  Or more so if anything.

The course is actually pretty genius. It combines learning something new (something I’m always a big fan of when I travel) and a beautiful three course meal in great company that tastes extra good because you’re so proud of your part in making it.

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Auður Ögn, the owner of the kitchen and our guide through the culinary jungle that is Icelandic cuisine (OK, so it’s not a jungle, that just sounded cool in my head), was very informative and had lots of great tips and tricks we could bring home to our own kitchens after the course. She was also just very nice which is a quality I (and most people I presume) appreciate in people. At the end of the course you also get a binder with all the recipes from the course so you can cook it all again once you are home.

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Of course I can’t write about a cooking course without mentioning the food. It was good, real good. I especially enjoyed the lamb cooked with garlic and angelica – a combination that I had never tried before. We’ll definitely try that again at home (now we finally know what to do with that wretched angelica in the garden).

The beautiful food we cooked.
The beautiful food we cooked.

I can easily recommend this course and Salt Eldhús to anyone that wants to learn more about Icelandic food or just do something a little bit different during their stay in Reykjavík. Coincidentally the Grapevine was there on the same day as we were (Hæ Larissa, Hæ Matt!) and this is what they had to say. Good times.

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