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Learn Icelandic #13: The South Coast

So I’m back, not from outer space but from the busiest July in recorded history (of my company), with a new podcast. I probably should have been doing these all summer though since they take a lot less time than posts where I have to find the right words, put them together in a manner that makes sense to more than just me and edit a bunch of photos. When doing one of these podcasts on the other hand I just sit down, press record on my recorder app and start talking. This would also explain the amazing (ahemm) quality of my recordings.


Today I’m going to teach you how to pronounce some famous landmarks on the South Coast of Iceland. Although you might think I hate the South Coast, because I’m always trying to get you to go somewhere else, I actually don’t. I love it, in fact. I just don’t love  that people sometimes think it’s the only thing worth seeing in Iceland. Of course we (you, because you read this blog, and I) know better!

The words covered in the 13th edition of the Learn Icelandic with I Heart Reykjavík:

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  • Seljalandsfoss
  • Skógafoss
  • Sólheimajökull
  • Fimmvörðuháls
  • Eyjafjallajökull
  • Reynisfjara


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  • Dyrhólaey
  • Stuðlaberg
  • Reynisdrangar
  • Vík
  • Hjörleifshöfði


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  1. Could you include Gljúfrabúi in a future installment? Takk!

  2. I love these podcasts! I just started learning Icelandic as a hobby and your podcasts are incredibly helpful with pronounciation. I greatly appreciate the slowed-down pronounciation of the words, so I can get my head around the way each syllable is pronounced. (A person can miss subtler sounds when the word is said at normal speed!)

  3. I LOVE your blogs! So useful and full of your bubbly charisma. ☺️
    I’ve learned to pronounce many Icelandic places but how in the world do you pronounce Grjótagjá!? Thank you!