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Learn Icelandic #11: Hot dogs

It’s time for another Icelandic lesson (I really should do these more frequently) but today we’ll learn more about hot dogs, where to get them and how to order them. It may seem weird to dedicate a whole episode to something that on the surface seems pretty mundane but on closer look there’s more to the hot dog than just the bun (and, ahem, the hot dog).

The words and phrases covered in this episode:

  • Bæjarins Beztu
  • Pylsa
  • Ein með öllu
  • Steiktur laukur
  • Hrár laukur
  • Tómatsósa
  • Sinnep
  • Remúlaði
  • Kókómjólk


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  1. Loved the hot dogs with öllu!!! Especially the crispy onions. Very different from our New York “dirty water dogs” as those should only be eaten with either sauerkraut or onion sauce. Can’t wait to have another one this summer!

  2. You have “Ein með öllu” written as such, but when you you say it, it sounds like “Eina með öllu.” Am I correct and is that how you pronouced Ein?