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How to take advantage of Keflavík Airport’s instant flight updates

Today’s post is not going to be long. Nor is it going to be groundbreaking. I just discovered a neat little feature on the Keflavík Airport’swebsite that I want to tell you about and might come in handy for a future visit.

As I write this I’m waiting for my best friend to arrive on a flight from Oslo but because I was eager to see him and his family are busy getting ready for the family thing he’s flying in for, I offered to pick him up at the airport. I’m just nice that way plus I owe him this 100 times over since he always picks me up when I visit him in Gothenburg where he lives and once he even picked me up in Copenhagen so I wouldn’t have to take the train. That’s a 3+ hour drive one way for the uninitiated. He’s basically the best.

Anyway, because I hate waiting at the airport for a long time I always check the Keflavik Airport’s arrival’s schedulewhich is usually both pretty accurate and updated regularly.

Today when I checked the schedule I noticed a Facebook Messenger and Twitter icon next to each flight that I haven’t seen (or noticed) before so I decided to check it out. I learned nothing from the tale of the cat that got killed by curiosity, it seems.

So basically, with the icons, you can subscribe to getting notifications for any particular flight on Facebook or Twitter (and e-mail for you old-schoolers) which I did and discovered that it works like a charm.

When I subscribed I instantly got a notification on Facebook and the latest status of the flight.

Unfortunately for my friend, the flight is slightly delayed and each time there was a change to the arrival time I would receive a new notification.

Like I said, this post is not groundbreaking and this technology is probably not revolutionary either. It’s convenient though because subscribing to this saved me the time of having to go to the website over and over again to keep an eye on the flight.

Because I kept getting instant updates I could also keep working and my friend’s inconvenient flight delay became an extra half hour I could spend on writing this post. Win-Win. Or you know, win for me at least.

I can see this feature being helpful for those who maybe arrive earlier than their friends and family members and need to go to the airport to pick them up or for those leaving Iceland who want to keep an eye on their outbound flight since sometimes the airlines are a bit bad with notifying their customers about delays. Or if there are any locals reading this who regularly need to pick up their peeps at the airport.

It’s also entirely possible that I just used this topic to beat the writer’s block I’ve been dealing with as it was simple and straightforward and I figured I could finish the post quickly.

Either way, thanks to these updates, I’m off to grab lunch before I drive to the airport to pick up my BFF. Toodle loo.

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  1. Is he bringing you any cool Norweigian sweets or food? If so, please post pics hehe. I know its not exactly icelandic but… FOOD IS UNIVERSAL 😀

    1. Post comment

      Auður - I Heart Reykjavík says:

      I doubt it – he probably got in by bus from Gothenburg just for the flight. But we’ll see 🙂