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Hotels in Reykjavík

A few places worth checking out for your trip to Reykjavík

People are always asking me for recommendations on where to stay in Reykjavík so I decided to put together a little list of hotels, hostels and apartments that I frequently recommend to those who contact me. I am of course a Reykjavík local and I have a home in the city so it doesn’t happen often that I stay in one of these places.  Because of that I’ve based my recommendations solely on the location of the places (and how convenient those locations are for visitors), how they are rated on various travel websites and the recommendation by guests that join my walking tours. I often ask them where they are staying, how they like it and whether they would recommend it to others.

You can click the icon in the top left corner of the map to see more options that you can use to filter out the specific accommodation that you need. Because the prices change so much depending on seasons and booking status you will have to visit the links of each place to check the prices. I’ve found when I travel myself that Booking.com usually offers better rates than the properties themselves through their own website but I don’t know if that’s true for Iceland. I do know however that Booking.com demands the best available price from each place.

Please note that for most of the apartments I just added a link to the property as sometimes it’s difficult to find info on each individual place if there is more than one location.

If I hear about any more good places to recommend to you I will add them to the map.