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December 23rd: Kertasníkir


OMG. Can you believe it. I’ve been writing a post a day for 23 days now. 23! This is a new record. Lets not discuss the length or the quality of these posts. Ahemm.

Tonight marks the end of an era (a really short era but era none the less) when the last Yule Lad comes to town. Kertasníkir or Candle Snatcher is here for your candles. I don’t know exactly what he wants with them, I just know that he wants them.


Kertasníkir is a popular Yule Lad. It’s not because of his personality or good looks, it’s because he usually brings bigger gifts than his brothers. This is the time you get that book or DVD (people still use those, I’m told) you’ve been pining after forever. Or new pajamas. You know, to avoid the Christmas Cat.

Starting on Christmas Day the Yule Lads start making their way back to the mountains, one by one, until the last one leaves on January 6th. I think I will just miss them.

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  1. Hi Auður, I hope you’ll also write a story for every day the Jólasveinar (Yule Lads) are leaving 🙂 Merry CHristmas from Germany!

  2. This has been lots of fun Audur. You are a clever writer, I’ve enjoyed all your postings. A quick Christmas question- do you decorate a Christmas tree? Merry Christmas and wishing you a nother successful year with your tours. Laura.

  3. He wants candles because back in the day, candles in Europe were made of tallow (animal grease) and were therefore edible.