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December 13th – Stúfur


The third Yule Lad Stúfur arrives tonight. He is the youngest and smallest of the Yule Lad brothers and although he leaves first from the mountains his legs are so short that it takes him extra long to get to town.


Stúfur is the favorite of many Icelandic children. Maybe it’s because they know what it’s like to be smaller and younger than the rest of the family and to be treated unfairly because of that. It might also be because Stúfur isn’t quite as mischievous as the rest of them but he waited for everyone to go to sleep and then he scraped leftovers of pots and pans that weren’t washed after dinner. So you could say he was doing people a favor because as we all know cleaning pots and pans, especially burned ones, the next day can be a nightmare.

I also feel like Stúfur always gave the better gifts than the rest of them. Maybe he was the thinker of the bunch and had seen that if he treated the humans well they too would treat him well. Maybe even leave him treats to feast on like freshly baked Christmas cookies. Surely better than scraping of pots and pans.

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