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December 20th: Gluggagægir


I have to admit that with all the talking about licking this and that in previous posts about the Yule Lads I’ve become somewhat worried that I’m attracting the wrong sort of traffic to my blog. Today’s post is not going to help with that because the Yule Lad arriving from the mountains tonight is called Gluggagægir. Why is that unfortunate for search engine traffic? Because in English Gluggagægir means Window Peeper.

Image via Brian Pilkinton from the book The Yule Lads
Image via Brian Pilkinton from the book The Yule Lads

As you can probably guess from the name Gluggagægir is all about peeping into people’s windows to see if there’s anything there worth stealing. I guess Random Things That Are Lying Around Stealer was just not a snazzy enough Yule Lad name.

I tend to put the Yule Lads into two categories: The somewhat disturbing Yule Lads and the very disturbing Yule Lads. Gluggagægir, for obvious reasons, falls into the latter. I just don’t like the thought of someone peering through my window, no matter their motives.

According to some stories Gluggagægir takes special pleasure in pulling  faces at children that notice him on the window. I guess Grýla was not on it when it came to the fear mongering that most mothers adhere to because then Gluggagægir would obviously know that if you pull faces your face is going to freeze like that.

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