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Terms and conditions

We advise all our guests to read through them so they know exactly what to expect if something out of the ordinary happens.


We here at I Heart Reykjavík request payment from all our customers at the time of booking. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received your payment and we reserve the right to cancel any booking that has not been paid 48 hours before the start of the tour, unless it has been otherwise discussed.

Booking through our website

If you book yourself through our booking pages, you will be transferred to a secure third-party payment page where you will put in all your details including your credit card number. This payment page is provided by our partner Borgun – one of Iceland’s leading payment solution companies which is certified with the ISO/IEC 27001.

Once you have taken care of the payment, you will receive a booking confirmation and a credit card receipt through e-mail.

Booking via e-mail

If you book via e-mail, where we take care of multiple bookings for you, you will be sent a secure payment link that will take you to a secure third-party payment page, provided by our partner Borgun.

We accept

MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB, Diners, Discover and American Express

Trouble with payment

If you get an unexpected error on the payment page, it’s likely that your credit card issuer has put a block on foreign transactions and has stopped the payment from going through. This can usually be fixed with a quick phone call to the card issuer and is usually resolved quickly.

If you experience other problems with the payment page, please be in touch with us and let us know so we can look into it for you.


When a guest books a tour and does, for whatever reason, not show up for it this is called a no-show.

Please note that you, as a guest, is responsible for making sure that all your travel information is correct. Therefore, it’s very important that you go over the booking before you finalize, making sure the date and pickup information is correct,  it and that you read over your confirmation and tickets after you have booked.

The tickets usually contain important information about meeting points, pickup time and places and whether there’s anything special you need to consider for each particular tour.

If you miss your tour because you missed your pick-up or your flight was delayed that is considered a no-show. If you are a no-show for a tour, you are not eligible for a refund.

If you miss your pickup (for partner tours)

If you have a problem with the pickup it’s always best to contact the partner in question directly as they are best equipped to help you.

In some cases, the partner will allow you to join another tour at another time. Whether this is possible is based on the availability each time and the size and price of each tour. You cannot count on this so make sure you do everything you can to avoid missing the pickup.

If you are delayed, for whatever reason

The sooner we, or our partners, know that you are running late, the likelier it is that we can help you. We can’t make any promises though so try to make sure you are on time for all your tours.

If you have booked our walking tour and you are not at the meeting place 10 minutes past the meeting time we will consider you a no-show. Once the tour has started you cannot join the tour as it is impossible for us to know where the guide is located at any given moment, as every tour is different. We also turn off our phones when the tour has started so we can give our guests our undivided attention.

Our walking tour

The I Heart Reykjavík walking tour takes place on the streets of Reykjavík, a city that is full of life and everything that comes with that, and therefore we ask our guests to keep the following in mind:

  • Please try to stay with the group so the guide can see you and make sure that you are safe. If you need to leave the tour, because you are cold or you feel suddenly ill for example, please notify the guide so he/she will not go looking for you.
  • Please by mindful of the environment and keep an eye out for oncoming traffic. Also keep uneven surfaces and construction work in mind, as there is often no warning signs for those in Reykjavík.
  • Parents traveling with their children are responsible for keeping them safe.

By accepting the terms at the time of booking, you agree to participate in the activities offered on the tour at your own risk and that you must take responsibility for your own safety. I Heart Reykjavík does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions or are caused by factors outside of human control (Force majeure). So don’t do anything silly!

The I Heart Reykjavík walking tour is a no-smoking tour and we kindly ask our guests to respect that. If the guide will make a coffee/bathroom break on the tour, you are welcome to use the opportunity to smoke, as long as you respect those around you who would prefer a smoke-free environment. Please remember to pick up your cigarette butt and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

Any guest that is visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be asked to leave the tour. If we ask you to leave because of those reasons, it is for your own safety and the comfort of our other guests. No refunds will be given.

Our guides reserve the right to refuse participation to any customer whose conduct or manner is likely to cause offense, upset or put other passengers in danger.


All cancellations must come in writing via e-mail. If you call us with your cancellation, we will ask you to follow up via e-mail to make sure we have all the correct information.

Direct bookings for our own tours (via our website)

If you are booking our walking tour or any other activities operated by I Heart Reykjavík, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If you cancel more than 48 hours before departure: 100% refund will be given
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of departure: No refunds are given.

Direct bookings for partner tours (via our website)

Each partner has their own cancellation policy which is listed on the page for each tour. When you book through our booking system you will need to agree to these cancellation policies before you carry on with your booking and we urge you to read through them before you carry on. You will also find the cancellation policy on the tickets you receive once payment has been finalized.

The general rule is that if you cancel within 24-48 hours, depending on the tour, you are not eligible for a refund. Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the tour.

Bookings multiple tours via e-mail

When booking three or more tours through our travel agency, or custom tours, 10% of the final price is non-refundable. Apart from that, the cancellation policy for each tour applies.

Weather cancellations

If we, or our partners, need to cancel a tour because of unfavorable weather conditions you will get a full refund for the tour. The tour operator in question will decide when to cancel a tour due to the weather. This only applies if the tour is canceled, not if you cancel because you don’t like the weather.

Travel insurances

Many travel insurance policies will cover tours you miss or can’t go on due to medical resons, sick family members and so forth. Therefore we recommend you never travel without one, especially since they are often not that expensive.

Please note that many credit card companies offer travel insurances to their customers through the credit cards so you might be insured without knowing it. Please contact your card issuer for more information.


We try to issue refunds in a swift and timely manner but when the weather is bad we might have a lot of refunds to deal with. All refunds will be dealt with within 7 days.  Expect a longer response time on the weekend or around public holidays.

Refunds will only be issued to the card used to purchase the tour.

Once the refund has been issued it can take up to 3-10 business days for the refund to show up on your statement. On rare occasions, it can take up to 30 days but this depends on how quickly your card issuer deals with the refund.

Refunds for Partner tours

When we receive refund requests from our guests for tours provided by our partners, we need to confirm the cancellation with the partner before we can issue the refund. Usually, this doesn’t take us long but it depends on how busy the partner is. We do what we can to speed up the process and we try to keep you updated while you wait.

Please note that if your partner tour is canceled due to the weather, you need to contact us and ask for a refund. If you don’t, we assume that you were rebooked on another tour with the partner.


Thankfully we don’t get many complaints but on the rare occasions that we do, we try to solve the matter quickly and in good cooperation with all parties.

If you have an issue that you want to take up with us, the best way to do it is to send us an e-mail. You can of course also call us but then we will ask you to follow up with an e-mail to make sure we have all the information needed.

The general rule is that the sooner that you speak up about your issue the easier it is to address it. This especially applies  with damages to equipment and such.

Complaints about our partners

Please note that in some cases you have to send the complaint to the appropriate partner within a certain number of days to be eligible for any sort of compensation. This is usually stated in their terms and conditions or the contract you sign on the day of the tour. Therefore it’s always best to do contact the partner immediately after the tour.

We choose our partners carefully, based on our own personal relationship with them and recommendations and comments from our guests. Therefore we want to know if their service is unacceptable and we look at this as part of our quality control.

When we receive a complaint about one of our partners we always give them a chance to tell their side of the story before we act on the complaint. Because of this, it can take us a few days to deal with your complaint but we’ll do our best to keep you updated.