April in Iceland

Quick facts about the weather and daylight in April

Average temperature: 3.15°C /  37.67°F
Average hours of sunlight: 151.72
Average of lowest and highest recorded temperature in April: Low -6.43°C / 20.43°F –  High 10.84°C / 51.51°F
Length of day on April1st: 13 hours and 34 minutes

Remember when I said that March in Iceland is a bit of an in-between month? April is a bit more of the same but brighter and with a dramatic increase in hours of daylight (and sunlight for that matter).

If April was your family member it would be your mischievous younger brother that loves to tease you and torment. Every year we get that extremely nice day where the air smells of summer and your body and soul get replenished from the warmth of the sun while you think to yourself: Ahh… summer is almost here. But it’s not and we get equally disappointed every year when the last big snowstorm of the winter hits us just moments after that day.

Every. Damn.Year.

Because the days are getting longer the sunsets usually become extra long and beautiful by late April. Plus you can’t help but smile when you see tiny little overly optimistic flower buds (kind of like the Icelandic people who never seen any holes in their grand masterplans) start popping up everywhere.

Historically (keep in mind that our history is quite short) April is the slowest month for us here at I Heart Reykjavík but we use it to get ready for the crazy summer season. I don’t know if that is something that is universal or just us but I remember some of our partners discussing the same last year. So you can probably still find some good deals on accommodation and such outside of the Reykjavík area.

Annual events and festivals in April worth checking out.

Músíktilraunir: The Icelandic version of the Battle of the bands. This festival has been the first place many legendary Icelandic plans have played live.

Iceland Writers Reatreat: Small workshops and panels for budding writers featuring some big names in the literary world. Started by the first lady of Iceland Eliza Reid (while she was still just a normal lady)

Children’s Cultural Festival: A festival that celebrates children’s culture with free events for kids in abundance.

Eve Online Fan Fest: A big yearly party for players of EVE online in the hometown of the company that makes it: CCP.

Tours you might want to consider in April

So April, like March, is not quite winter and definitely not summer and whether or not it’s spring is questionable. Many of the winter tours stop running in April while some of  the summer tours haven’t started yet. Although the northern lights season officially ends by April 15th you can still see them for the remainder of the month. You just can’t do a tour to do so.

Outdoor activities: With the weather improving April would be a good month for some exciting outdoor activities. The Walk through Ice and Fire and Hot Springs and Lava tours both include a visit to the wonderful Reykjadalur valley and are unavailable in the winter months.  You can also do a summer version of the very popular 2-day tour to Jökulsárlón with a glacier walk instead of the ice caves.

This post is part of a series about the best time to visit Iceland where we go through things to consider before visiting Iceland for each month of the year. All the weather related statistics come from the Icelandic Met Office but the rest is based on our feelings and experience. 

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6 thoughts on “April in Iceland”

  1. Gracia says:

    I love your travel writing, Audur. Eagerly awaiting “May in Iceland.” I am visiting for the first time, May 6 – May 12 of this year. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful feature photo. I lived in Iceland for a few years and I am returning in August. Love your posts !

    1. Auður says:

      Glad you like them! You are aware of the confusion that your name evokes in Icelanders, right? 🙂

  3. charly says:

    Hello ,thanks for all informations .
    We are a group of 16 French persons for an Iceland tour from 26 April to 3 may and we are happy to take all news to take a lot of nice pitures from this marvelous Iceland .

  4. Katie says:

    I am also eagerly awaiting the May installment! Your blog has been so helpful in helping us plan our stay as we were initially quite overwhelmed!

  5. Ginny says:

    Hooray! I’ve been waiting! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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