Fóa in Laugavegur: Unique and interesting souvenirs

People have often asked me where they can find unique and interesting souvenirs in Reykjavík and to be honest I could never really give any good recommendations. I usually prefer museum gift shops over conventional tourists shops and unfortunately I feel many of the designated tourist shops in Reykjavík lack a bit in creativity when it comes to their products. I have often recommended Kraum in Aðalstræti, which is pretty nice actually, but they have a lot of bigger pieces that either won’t fit in your luggage or may break your budget. They’re also much more than just a souvenir shop offering clothing and furniture along with serving as a center for Icelandic design of sorts.

Because of this I was very happy one day when I stumbled upon Fóa on the corner of Laugavegur and Skólavörðustígur. It’s on the second floor of this yellow building which is probably more famous for housing the Cafe/Bar Kofinn and Sakebarinn.

Fóa opened in November so it’s still relatively new on the block. All their products are by artists and designers that live in Iceland and most of their products are also produced here. The store is really beautiful and the same goes for the products they offer. They, like me, felt like their was a gap in the market for something a little different, so you won’t find any stuffed puffins or T-shirts with silly Icelandic sayings in there. What you will find are charming paintings of the colorful houses in Reykjavík, super cute hand carved swans (I want some!) and quirky illustrated postcards. And the best thing of all: It’s not super expensive.

So next time you’re strolling around Reykjavík looking for something to bring your loved ones at home you should definitely check out the nice folks at Fóa.

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4 thoughts on “Fóa in Laugavegur: Unique and interesting souvenirs

  1. Katie

    My boyfriend and I visited Fóa when we were in town last month. The inventory was a feast for the eyes. We ended up getting my boyfriend’s 12-year-old nephew a wooden-plane kit, which he loved. Since Fóa’s right at the connecting point between Laugavegur and Skólavörðustígur, it’s easy for us tourists to pop in on our way to or from Hallgrímskirkja!

  2. Virpi

    I was looking for also some gifts little bit different. Found the same cards from a big book shop in Laugarvegur and bought them. also a postcard “Cats rule the town” and drawn some reykjavik houses and cats :)

    A few suggestions:
    - I could not find any icelandic animals/ sea animals / fishes related puzzles (wooden or paper) for kids, posters or postcard of whales living in Icelandic waters ( a postcard where you could tickle in a box which whale you saw), postcard / poster book telling the famous Skyr-cake recipe, puffin toy that has the real puffin sound (eg. Wild Republic Audubon Birds), package of diy-peysa or some other craft (containing yarns and instruction in english/ other language)…

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