Iceland in Autumn: Wonderful photos and video from Peter and Amber

A while back I was contacted by Peter Lok who had just finished a round trip around Iceland with his partner Amber. They made a video about their trip, Lost in Iceland, and just wanted to share it with me since my blog had been an inspiration for their trip. I often get contacted by people wanting me to share this and that I hardly ever do but I just loved Peter’s video so I made an exception. As it turned out a lot of other people loved it to as it got shared all over the place.

Last week Peter contacted me again to let me know he’d finish editing the photos from their trip and that they were now available on Flickr. I loved them too so I asked Peter if I could share a few of them with you guys. I also asked him to tell you a little about himself and this is what he had to say:

“While searching for our holiday destination, we stumbled across a photo of a breathtaking landscape of some fjords in Iceland.  Further googling landed us at I Heart Reykjavik that is filled with not the usual touristy stuff but a rather personal review of special places peppered around the country.  Your amazing blog has all the ingredients of a great adventure and the next thing we know, we are on a flight to Reykjavik.  We rented a jeep and travelled anti-clockwise around this beautiful country for two weeks (too short), covering the following towns: Reykjavik – Selfoss – Vik – Hofn - Seydisfjordur – Myvatn – Varmahlíð – Osar - Snaefellsnes.  Some photos of our trip are shown below and you can view more at - My Flickr.”

At the bottom of this post you’ll also find Peter’s video: Lost in Iceland. If I were to make a video about a round trip around Iceland it would look something like this. Except I don’t know how. If this doesn’t want make you want to visit Iceland I don’t know what will.

Thank you for sharing Peter and Amber, I’m happy and proud my blog inspired you.

Iceland in Autumn (1) Iceland in Autumn (2) Iceland in Autumn (3) Iceland in Autumn (4) Iceland in Autumn (5) Iceland in Autumn (6) Iceland in Autumn (7)

Lost in Iceland from Peter Lok on Vimeo.

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12 thoughts on “Iceland in Autumn: Wonderful photos and video from Peter and Amber

  1. Alma

    Ég elska þetta myndband! ég elska Ísland! ég elska þetta blogg og ég elska þig!!!!!
    er ég martæk hehe

  2. Julie

    Stunning! Thanks so much Peter and Amber for sharing your experiences. Can’t wait for March when I hope to see some of those wonderful sights for myself.

  3. Zac Dowen

    Whats the story with the plane? How did it go down and who did it belong to, do you have any co-ordinates for it?

  4. Micheal

    Great work!!! Congratulations for making this impressive video + the good choice of music. Iceland looks beatiful.

  5. leah

    Thank you for posting this beautiful video. Very moving. Can’t wait to visit Iceland, your blog is fabulous, thanks so much for all the info.

  6. Jenn

    Love this SO much. Thank you for sharing the stunning videography! After 5 times of visiting Iceland, Autumn remains my favorite time to go. What a nice reflection of it here.

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