Hunting for Northern Lights in Iceland: How to use the aurora forecast

Northern Lights over Reykjavík

Northern Lights over Reykjavík

As you can imagine, one of the questions I get asked most in  wintertime is how, when and where you can see the Northern Lights in Iceland. I wrote a guide to the Northern Lights in Reykjavík a while back, which has been one the most popular post on this blog to date, but after I wrote it the Icelandic Met Office introduced a great tool on their website which will come in handy when you embark on a Northern Lights hunting adventure of your own.

The Icelandic Met office’s Aurora Forecast

The Aurora Forecast offers a five day forecast that should give you a good indication of whether you’re going to be able to see the Northern Lights in those days or not. It features a cloud coverage forecast, an aurora activity forecast, information about the sunrise and the sunset along with information about the moon cycle and when the moon rises each day. It would take to long to explain how to use all that in writing so to help you understand how to use the aurora forecast I made the screencast below last nigh. I apologize in advance for the mouse-click noises.

So now you should be good to go. Happy hunting!

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5 thoughts on “Hunting for Northern Lights in Iceland: How to use the aurora forecast

  1. Silja

    One of my room mates was obsessed with the aurora forecast website when I was living in Iceland. So many nights of almost camping outside because of it :D Well it was worth it though because we did see some amazing northern lights.

  2. Katie F.

    My boyfriend and I are in Reykjavík now until Thursday afternoon. We’re actually on our way back from an unsuccessful boat tour.

    Where would you go next? Thingvellir night drive?? We do have a rental car!

    We’ve been using your blog extensively and I’d love your input for the next few days as much as you can give it! Thank you!!

    • Auður Post author

      Unfortunately the forecast is not good for the next few days so maybe you’re better off finding a cozy bar in town to spend your nights. Just watch the forecast on and head wherever it’s most likely to have clear skies

    • Auður Post author

      I’m not going to do your research for you :) Check out the links provided and contact the companies if you are not sure about the prices. You might also want to look into renting a car that seats six people.

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