Tip of the day: Buy the Reykjavík Welcome Card!

Today I have a tip for you: Buy the Reykjavík Welcome Card. Why? Because it’s affordable and it gives you free access to a number of great museums around Reykjavík and all the city pools. You also get discounts of various goods and services which is never a bad thing.

I’ve thought about buying similar cards in other cities but after careful consideration I’ve always thought they are not worth the money. I always thought this was the case with this particular card as well but as much as I hate to admit it, I may have been wrong.


You can buy your Reykjavík Welcome Card at the Reykjavík Tourist Information in Aðalstræti


The Reykjavík Welcome Card gives you free admission to the following places and services:

 - Strætó City Buses  - Reykjavik Art Museum – Asmundarsafn
 - Reykjavík City Thermal Pools  - Reykjavik 871 +/-2 Settlement Exhibition
 - National Museum of Iceland  - Árbæjarsafn, The Reykjavík City Museum
 - The Culture House  - The Reykjavík Maritime Museum – Víkin
 - Reykjavik Art Museum – Hafnarhus  - Reykjavík Family park and farm animal zoo
 - Reykjavik Art Museum – Kjarvalsstadir  - The ferry to Viðey Island


The 24 hour card costs 1900 ISK, the 48 hours card 2400 ISK and the 72 hours card 2900 ISK. Obviously the 72 hour card is the best deal but the 24 hour card is pretty decent as well.

If you think about the fact that a single fare with Strætó is 350 ISK and the admission to the city pools is 450 ISK, the 24 hour card almost pays for itself with a visit to Laugardalur swimming pool from the downtown area and the bus rides back and forth.

Talking the talk and walking the walk

Today I bought one of these Welcome cards and visted Hafnarhús, Víkin Maritime Museum and the Settlement Exhibition with a friend of mine. It was a lovely day. I’ll be telling you more about these individual museums in a separate post but we both agreed that for museum lovers, history buffs and the arty types – the Reykjavík Welcome Card is the way to go.

Update: March 22nd 2014

You can now get the Reykjavík Welcome Card as an extra if you book one of my Reykjavík Walking Tours. The tours go daily at 10am from Hallgrímskirkja (advance booking is needed since there is limited availability) and you will get the card ready to use at the end of your tour. That way I can also help you if you’re not sure about where stuff is.

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